role of youth and female voters in indian democracy 2014

role of youth and female voters in indian democracy 2014Nearly 50% of the 18 years above people in delhi have not registered for the vote. The role of youth and female voters in indian democracy 2014 is increasing day by day.  The youth power was glorified in the politicians and ideologues prose. 2014 voting is very different. The people around 18 to 23 years compose 14% for the vote in overall 65% in india’s population. The young people are not hidden in the state of India. Corruption is also at the top of the list. Most politicians seem interested in sectarianism and sops. The young people demand for the policy that are focused on education and health and safety and services and empowerment and jobs.


The social media and the activism having the harsh punishments in the politics. The young people vote for the concern on the public. This is a modern and secular progressive in the india agenda. If the people don’t vote then then must prepared for the broken streets and non existent jobs and subsistence level services and communal politics and corrupt officials and there is no chance for the listening. It is a problem for the people and they will get harassed for the address proofs and birth place locations and all. There is also having troubles and advantages in this sector.


The people who are above 18 years should vote for the country and should elect the prominent and very nice politician so that the country will develop very soon. The role of youth and female voters in indian democracy 2014 is playing a major role in the elections. The students who are good in knowledge will elect the correct and efficient politician so that the country and the state will get developed very high range by them. These principles can apply to the smart politicians too. The barack obama 2008 campaign the social media and the colleges and the host of the youth arms and the young stars who had volunteering services and persuading for the vote. This is the world’s largest democracy. So the young stars and the people have to think before they vote for the particular politician.


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